Bulk Upcycling Initiative

Creating a positive environmental impact is our top priority.
Any questions? We'd love to hear from you: bulk@willandable.co.nz.

How it works:

Our return and swap arrangement works differently to our domestic range. Due to the size/dimensions of our bulk containers, we are unable to offer the $2 return to sender rate like we do for our household sized bottles, as the courier charges for 5L & 20L containers differ greatly. Our temporary solution is to ask customers to hold onto their containers until they have 10 x empty 5L containers or 10 x empty 20L containers. This is the minimum requirement for a pallet. To freight a pallet to Christchurch via Mainstream costs $55 + GST. We can arrange this with you and pay half of this fare, so it balances out as much as possible with the cost of our household range scheme. Alternatively, we suggest getting in touch with Castle Parcels to discuss their current rates.

Refilling & Christchurch HQ

We welcome all Christchurch locals to drop off empty bulk containers to us at our Wigram HQ. Please send us an email at: bulk@willandable.co.nz, so we can welcome you when you drop off your containers. We do not have refill stations set up at our HQ, but we are more than happy to arrange this with you. 
Please note our operating hours are Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm.
Find us at 21 Lodestar Ave, Wigram, Christchurch, 8042.

Our Environmental Commitment

We take great pride in offering commercial organisations the opportunity to recycle their bulk containers with us. All of our 20L containers are repurposed and the majority of our 5L containers are repurposed as well. As part of this initiative, our team collects containers from a local business, which would otherwise head to landfill. Next, we strip the labels and clean the containers for reuse. 
It's super important to us that we are doing our bit for the environment, so we will continue to work on our 'return to sender' initiative. 


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