Reuse First, Recycle Second

Reusing plastic materials is a far more environmentally friendly process than traditional recycling methods. That's why we love to get as many of our containers back as we can! When we receive a Will&Able container back our talented team diligently clean and refill the container so it can be sent out to another awesome customer. 

Our containers travel all around Aotearoa, so eventually they are bound to break or spring a leak. We have a plan for this too! Our damaged containers take a trip to our commercial recycling partner who shreds them down and uses them to create new plastic products. Cool right?

Check out our different container return methods below! 

Drop into Aon Insurance

Return your 5L or domestic containers to your local Aon Insurance branch. Most Aon stores have a clearly marked bin to place your empties, otherwise, ask the friendly Aon team for help. 

Aon have 70+ locations across the country, find your nearest one below. 

Find My Nearest Store

Return to a Collection Depot

Return your empty Will&Able containers to one of our collection depots! We have a number of locations all across New Zealand. 

Collection Depot Locations

Courier to a Collection Depot

 We have several Collection Depots across the country that you can send your empty containers to if you are unable to drop them yourself.

You can book your container for collection using your preferred courier. 

Parcel Pick-Up using NZ Post

To book your collection you will need:
*Access to the internet 
*Access to a printer 
*A Credit or Debit card 

You will also need the dimensions of the container/s 
5L - L 18cm, W 30cm, H 14cm 
20L - L 30cm, W 31cm, H 40cm

And the address of your nearest return depot
Bulk Collection Depot Locations 

Return with NZ Post


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