Creating a positive environmental impact is our top priority.
Any questions? We'd love to hear from you: bulk@willandable.co.nz.

Our Environmental Commitment

It is incredibly important to us to find practical solutions for our customers to return their empty Will&Able Bulk containers. When we receive a container back our team take great pride in cleaning, refilling and sending containers back out into the world. If a container comes back to us in a damaged state, we send them on to our plastic recycling partner for repurposing into something new. 

We have several different options for returning Will&Able Bulk empties, check them out below to find the right one for you! 

Christchurch Return Ticket

Launching soon! 

We're incredibly pleased to announce that we are now offering a Christchurch Return Ticket for Bulk products. Our Return Tickets work for both our 5 and 20L containers and are priced at only $4 per container. You can add the Return Ticket to your order, recurring subscription or purchase it by itself for your empty containers at home. 

Christchurch Return Ticket

Drop to a Collection Depot near you

Did you know that we now have a number of Collection Depots set up for our Bulk Containers across the country? This means you can now drop off your empty 5L & 20L Will&Able containers at any one of the locations listed on the link below.

Please email us after you have returned your empties, and we will give you a 15% discount off your next order. 

Please note, these depots are just for Will&Able Bulk containers at this stage, not domestic sized products, or any other plastic containers.

Bulk Collection Depot Locations

Courier to a Collection Depot

Due to the size of our containers we are unable to currently offer an integrated return scheme for customers outside of Christchurch. However, we do have several Collection Depots nationwide that you can send your empty containers to if you are unable to drop them yourself. Sending your empty container to your closest depot is likely to be more cost effective than sending it back to us in Christchurch. You can book your container for collection using Castle Parcels 'Pass The Parcel' service. 

Pass the Parcel Process 
1. Click on the below link to the Pass The Parcel website 
2. Create a free Pass the Parcel account 
3. Click 'send your item'
4. Enter your address and select 'i want my parcel picked up'
5. Enter the destination for your nearest Collection Depot
6. Click 'own packaging' and 'add your own box' enter container dimensions 
5L - L 18cm, W 30cm, H 14cm 
20L - L 30cm, W 31cm, H 40cm

7. Check summary and complete payment
8. Print courier label and attach to your container 
9. Place in an obvious place outside for courier to collect

Pass The Parcel WebsiteBulk Collection Depot Locations

Freight & Pallet Returns

Another temporary solution is to hold onto your containers until you have 10+ empty 5L/20L containers. This is the minimum requirement for a pallet. To freight a pallet to Christchurch via Mainstream costs an average of $60 + GST. The cost of freight can differ depending on weight, but we can give you an exact quote based on the amount you are wishing to return.
We can arrange this with you and pay half of this fare, so it balances out as much as possible with the cost of our household range scheme. In order to do this, you will need to have access to (and be able to wrap) a pallet.


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