We are NZ's only range of eco-friendly cleaning products creating jobs for Kiwi's with disabilities.
Learn more about our story below.

Our People

Will&Able Bulk has set up shop in the South Island, at Christchurch based charity, Kilmarnock Enterprises.
Our eco products are made by us, not machines.
Like our friends at Altus Enterprises in Auckland, the Kilmarnock team are involved throughout the entire process.
They fill our bottles with eco-products, put the lids on and apply the labels by hand. We think it's important that our supporters know the team behind the bulk range, so we have used our label designs as a way to introduce the crew to you all.

Our Why

At Will&Able Bulk, we are doing our bit to create positive environmental and social impact.
Like our partners in the North Island, the profit we make from sales goes directly to creating more work opportunities for people with disabilities.
We provide environmentally safe and sustainable cleaning products, to ensure positive job creation for people with a range of abilities, so Will&Able customers can be sure their money is going towards a cause that focuses on ecological sustainability, social impact and ethics.

Our Environmental Commitment

We take great pride in offering commercial organisations the opportunity to recycle their bulk containers with us. All of our 20L containers are repurposed and our 5L containers will soon all be repurposed as well. As part of this initiative, our team collects containers from a local business, which would otherwise head to landfill. Next, we strip the labels and clean the containers for reuse. 
It's super important to us that we are doing our bit for the environment, so creating a 'return to sender' initiative is our top priority. We don't have a programme in place yet, but you can most definitely send/drop your empty containers back to us at: 21 Lodestar Ave, Wigram, Christchurch, 8042.


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